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Nov 27, 2020

Today we talk about twenty polarizing dive related topics you probably have heard of on dive boats, dive forums, and online dive groups.

Tune in to hear us discuss many topics that have turned many dive buddies into enemies!

Special Guest: Doug Ebersole!

Nov 13, 2020

It is no secret that we are HUGE FANS of our rebreathers, and a lot of of you have asked us to do an episode about rebreathers.

We wanted to answer the most common questions like:

  1. How much are they?
  2. Which one should I buy?
  3. How do they work?
  4. What can I do with them that I can't do in Open Circuit?

In order to share as...

Oct 30, 2020

We were underwater A LOT over the last month, so we wanted to give you an update on what we've been up to, plus talk about "Technical Diving" and how can people make a transition from Recreational Diving.

If you've ever been curious about what it would take to be able to dive beyond Recreational limits (I.E. Deeper,...

Oct 2, 2020

Scuba diving is SUPER EXPENSIVE!

Cave diving is SUICIDAL!

You CAN'T mix and match gear from different manufacturers!

It's WAY CHEAPER to buy online vs. a local dive shop!

Which ones of these are truths and which ones are myths?

Tune in to find out!

Sep 18, 2020

Woody's is finally out of the water and he's back on the show talking about Dive Specialties. We discuss the ones we find super useful or even critical, and the ones that we don't find as critical.