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Feb 5, 2021

It is no secret that we are addicted to diving. And just like many divers out there we are members of Facebook groups and forums where diving is discussed 24/7.

Occasionally you see questions from people asking about the limits of diving on air. We see things like "Has anybody gone past 130 ft/40 m on air? There are some wrecks I want to see but they are below those limits so I wonder what would happen if I just went for it on air?"

And of course, a question like that is only followed by a jungle of misinformation led in some cases by "experts" who are happy to announce how often they dive "super deep on air without issues" because "they never get narked".

We like diving deep, so we understand why other divers want to go below recreational depths, but we do it safely!

We wanted to discuss what it takes to dive deep and share some potentially lifesaving knowledge and facts with divers that want to be able to dive deep like us.